God Judges Israel / Jesus Disciplines Those He Loves

Hosea 9-11             9:1  O people of Israel, do not rejoice as other nations do. For you have been unfaithful to your God, hiring yourselves out like prostitutes, worshiping other gods on every threshing floor.  No longer allowed to stay in the LORD’s land, Israel was forced to return to Egypt and be exiled to Assyria. The time of Israel’s punishment had come! 9:17  My God will reject... read more

God is Faithful—Israel Idolatrous / Message to Seven Churches

Hosea 1-4             Hosea’s personal experience became an allegory of God’s experience with Israel in which we see God suffers when his people are unfaithful; he cannot condone sin; and yet, he continues to love his people and seeks to win them back. When Hosea was commanded to buy Gomer back from prostitution, he was representing Jesus’ redemption for us on the cross. 3:3  Then I said to... read more

Future Millennial Temple / The Day of the Lord’s Judgment

Ezekiel 40-41              During the twenty-fifth year of captivity, which was fourteen years after the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem, Ezekiel had a vision in which he observed dimensions being taken from the Temple and the wall surrounding it. The wall surrounding the Temple measured 10 ½  feet high and thick. Centered on each side of the wall was a large gateway structure leading to... read more

Murder & Adultery Judged / The Tongue—Capable of Good & Evil

Ezekiel 16-17             Israel is described as a child cast away and forgotten, but discovered, rescued, nurtured and loved by God. When the child then came of age, the LORD married her and gave her great beauty, jewels  and clothing. Yet, acting like a shameless prostitute Jerusalem pursued other lovers and even paid them! Using the very things God had given them, Israel made idols. Even... read more

God Judges False Prophets & Transforms Lives

Ezekiel 11-13               12:1-2  Again a message came to me from the LORD: “Son of man, you live among rebels who have eyes but refuse to see. They have ears but refuse to hear. For they are a rebellious people. God’s patience and delay of judgment, provided his people every opportunity to repent. However, an untrue proverb was promoted instead of repentance. 12:22-23  …... read more

God Judges Jerusalem / Shakes the Shakable

Ezekiel 5-7            Ezekiel was told to shave his head and beard and divide the hair into three parts. He placed one-third on his map of Jerusalem and burned it to represent those who would die in Jerusalem under siege. He spread another third across his map and chopped it to pieces to represent those who would die in battle. He scattered the final third to the wind to represent those who... read more

Rebellious Captives Warned / We have Hope for a Better Life

Ezekiel 3-4             Ezekiel was commanded to eat the scroll God gave him. When he did, it became as sweet as honey in his mouth—a reminder that doing God’s will is sweet regardless of how difficult it may be. 3:10 -11 Then he added, “Son of man, let all my words sink deep into your own heart first. Listen to them carefully for yourself.  Then go to your people in exile and say to... read more

Ezekiel Prophesied Hope to the Captives / Faith Pleases God

Ezekiel 1-2            Ezekiel, a Levite priest, was probably a boy when he was taken into Babylonian exile with one of the early deportations. For twenty-two years he prophesied to the exiles while Jeremiah prophesied to the Jews still in Judah. His prophesies, which are recorded chronologically, were intended to remind the people of their sins against God, which caused his judgment against... read more

God is Good to Those who Hope in Him / He Keeps His Promises

Lamentations 3-5       In spite of great suffering, we can depend on God’s mercies. 3:22-24 The faithful love of the LORD never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning. I say to myself, “The LORD is my inheritance; therefore, I will hope in him!” 3:25-26  The LORD is good to those who depend on him, to those who search for... read more

God Fulfilled His Promises / Jesus Takes Away Sins

Lamentations 1-2        Jeremiah, also known as “the weeping prophet” is fittingly thought to be the author of Lamentations, which means “to cry aloud”. The five poems all have twenty-two verses and were written in “limping meter”, which was a cadence used for funeral dirges. The first four are written as an acrostic, with each verse beginning with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet.... read more
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