2 Chronicles 4-6 / John 10:24-42    

Dedication of the Temple   Under the direction of Solomon, Huram-abi, the master craftsmen and those under him completed the various Temple furnishings used outside and inside. A bronze altar 30 feet by 30 feet and 15 feet high was placed in front of the Temple. A large round basin 15 feet across and 7.5 feet deep called the Sea rested on top of a base of twelve oxen and was placed near the southeast... read more

2 Chronicles 1-3 / John 10:1-23  

God Provided Wisdom to Build the Temple  1:1 Solomon son of David took firm control of his kingdom, for the LORD his God was with him and made him very powerful. Appearing to Solomon in a dream, the LORD invited Solomon to ask whatever he wanted. 1:8- Solomon replied to God, “You showed faithful love to David, my father, and now you have made me king in his place. O LORD God, please continue to keep... read more

1 Chronicles 22-24 / John 8:28-59  

Preparation for the Temple The threshing floor where God ignited the sacrifice made by David later become the location for Israel’s burnt offerings at the Temple of the LORD. When David was very old, he appointed Solomon king and summoned all the priests and Levites together. Aaron’s descendants had already been instructed to serve in the Temple as priests responsible for offering sacrifices, burning... read more

1 Chronicles 16-18 / John 7:28-53

King David’s Dynasty Lasts Forever through Jesus, the Messiah After the Ark of God was placed in the tent David had prepared and offerings had been presented to God, David blessed the people and gave bread, dates and raisins to all. He appointed Levites to lead worship and gave a song of thanksgiving to the LORD. 16:8- Give thanks to the LORD and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what... read more

1 Chronicles 10-12 / John 6:45-71   

King David Unified Israel         The Chronicler reviews Israel’s history as a kingdom under David, giving a brief account of the death of Saul and three of his sons in battle against the Philistines. 10:13-14 So Saul died because he was unfaithful to the LORD. He failed to obey the LORD’s command, and he even consulted a medium instead of asking the LORD for guidance. So the LORD killed him... read more

1 Chronicles 7-9 / John 6:22-44

All are Known by God, but Few Pursue Knowing God The chronicler faithfully recorded the descendants from each of the tribes of Israel. The records, preserved throughout their seventy years of captivity, were brought back and compiled into this book. All were known by God, but few pursued knowing God. Such is the case in a fallen world. Interestingly, among the sea of names is Ephraim, who had eleven... read more

1 Chronicles 4-6 / John 6:1-21 

Jabez Prays   After recording the genealogy from Adam to Israel’s twelve sons, the genealogy of each of the tribes is given beginning with Judah. Tracing the lineage to King David, other descendants of Judah are also listed. 4:9 There was a man named Jabez who was more honorable than any of his brothers. His mother named him Jabez because his birth had been so painful. He was the one who prayed to the... read more

1 Chronicles 1-3 / John 5:25-47

A Priestly Historical Perspective on God’s Care for His People 1 & 2 Chronicles is a priestly perspective, which preserves a historical view for the postexilic Jew. The burning question following exile was what would be the Jew’s relationship with the LORD after Babylonian captivity? Would God’s covenant promises to David still have meaning for the returning Jew?  The providential release... read more

2 Kings 24-25 / John 5:1-24         

God Judges Judah       Josiah’s reforms benefited the king and the people of Judah during his reign. However, in spite of all the goodJosiah did, the LORD was still angry for all the wicked things Mannaseh had previously done to provoke God. Graciously, the LORD delayed judgment during Josiah’s lifetime. He died in battle against King Necho, Pharoah of Egypt. Jehoahaz became king in his... read more

2 Kings 22-23 / John 4:31-54 

Josiah Brought Reformation          Hezekiah’s wicked son Manasseh was followed by Amon, who also refused to follow the LORD. Because Amon was assassinated by his own officials, the people insisted on justice and therefore, punished those who assassinated the king. Then the people made Amon’s son Josiah king in Judah. 22:1-2 Josiah was eight years old when he became king, and he reigned in... read more
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